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“Treason” was the most searched word after Trump-Putin conference in Helsinki

Apparently, treason was one of the most searched term after Trump’s Monday’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is according to a tweet by Merriam-Webster, publisher of the Dictionary. The most searched words after the press conference were: “treason,” “traitor” and “collusion”

During the conference, Trump refused to blame Russia for interfering in the US election after he was asked specifically, only saying both countries were to blame. He said he had no reason to believe Russia would meddle in the US. elections. He also accused some elements of the US. press for damaging the relationship between Moscow and Washington, and called the Mueller investigation “a disaster.”

Trump has since clarified his statement in another press conference last night and has, for the first time, accepted Russia’s meddling in the US. elections, but stopped short of calling it “collusion”

The damage looked to have been done though as many are not buying his statement and accusations of “treason” are still being levelled against him.

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