This year, there have been new words and phrase used by people that have gone viral, especially after it has been a trend on twitter.

Most of these words were coined from music, movies, viral videos or comments made online.

This is a list of slangs that went viral on the internet this year.

  • Na dem dey rush us: This phrase became viral, after an old video of Nollywood actor Charles Nnojie asking a girl out in a movie was posted on Instagram, he said ” you no say fine boy like us, we no dey look for women, na them dey rush us”
  • Everywhere Stew: Everywhere stew started with Nigerian comedian Mr Jollof, using it to express himself in videos, however, it became viral when Wizkid released his ”Fever ” video featuring Tiwa Savage which caused several controversies, with people coming up with different meanings of Stew.
  • Accolades: The word accolades became viral when Charles Okpocha did a video about him deserving some accolades, He said ” I paid my dues, I  paid in full, I deserve some accolades.” this became viral as several people including celebrities came out with the #accoladeschallange doing short videos on Instagram using the word accolades.
  • They didn’t caught me: they didn’t caught me went viral after James Brown, a dancer was arrested and paraded other men for alleged homosexual activities at a Kelly Ann Hotel/Event center at Egbeda Lagos, He had an interview with the press and one of his statement ”They didn’t caught became  viral.”
  • Sho mo age mi ni? : Nigeria comedian/actor Jigan Babaoja came up with the phrase “sho mo age mi ni? ” which means ”do you know my age? ” in English in a comedy skit where he was arguing with someone about his age, the video became viral after Tunde Ednut reposted it.
  • Look Gooding guys: This phrase went viral after someone reposted an exact from a Yoruba movie calling out the error, the word eventual became popular and was used by many.
  •  Assurance: The word assurance became popular after Davido released a song ”Assurance” dedicated to his girlfriend in celebration of her birthday and buying a Porshe for her, the word trended with people having a different interpretation of assurance.
  • Shaking and breaking of Table: The term somehow gain popularity on Twitter after people began using it to shade celebrities and other people, ”This table you are shaking” simply means saying something that is usually unacceptable and makes people uncomfortable or saying it in a way that makes people feel guilty.
  • This one weak me: The phrase has been used by many on social media describing how something so funny makes you laugh so hard that you become weak.
  • Oya hit me: ”Oya hit me” is a popular slang by online sensation Bro Shaggi used whenever he wants to respond to questions in his comedy skits. This has become viral as several people now use it to express themselves.
  • Burnt Dodo: ”Please turn the burnt dodo” which has been used by many is simply a way of saying that someone is lying, an indirect way of saying that someone is lying or disagreeing with someone’s opinion.
  • Small Girl Big God: This phrase went viral after it was frequently used by ladies on their posts showing how good their life is, or express gratitude. However, it became a popular debate on the internet as it was claimed that only ”slay queens” use the term.

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