TNC Relationship Infograhic – 46% of Nigerian Youths Have Been in Relationships

According to reports via TNC,

– 48% Appreciate Sexually Experienced partners

 – 30% of young ladies will pretend to be learners first time they have sex with a new partner

How well do you know the Nigerian youth when it comes to relationships? Do you know that 38% of them want payment of bride price reformed and regulated? Maybe that is why many of them do not marry early these days. Or could it be because 44% of them think the guy needs to earn between N100k and N300k before thinking of marriage? When you consider that only 8% of them would get married regardless of how much he earns, then you get a better picture of the financial expectations of the Nigerian youth.

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In a recently released result of various surveys conducted by popular Nigerian youth online magazine, The Naked Convos, from its vast repository, one can clearly see how the Nigerian youths expect their relationships to work. From the information provided by these enlightening surveys, you will find out that 48% of young Nigerian males prefer sexually experienced ladies while 30% of the ladies still prefer to act inexperienced the first time they get together with a new partner.

Further details from the infographic released by the website shows that a whopping 46% of Nigerian youth are ashamed of at least one of their ex’s. When choosing partners for new relationships about 30% of them are bothered about the number of people their partner has been sexually active with. There is, however, a general consensus on first dates with most of them preferring the partner wears something casual while a pleasant, laid back location, such as the cinemas, is the destination of choice. No wonder the cinemas are often sold out!

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One telling detail in this infographic is the fact that an overwhelming majority, about 60%, do not want their partners to be or look like their parents. So much for what we all thought we knew before.

There is also some information about how both sexes deal with their partners’ ‘office flirters’. 35% of the females decide that they will deal with the intruding lady while 39% of the males conclude that they will trust the girl to handle herself. Majority of our youths (45%) do not also support testing their partner when in a relationship. And almost half of the respondents think over-familiarity with your partner is actually good for the relationship.


When it comes to money issues which are always critical, 48% of young Nigerian males do not have a problem with their partner earning more than them while 46% of the females will leave a guy that has issues with them earning more. Although 45% of guys will tell their partners about their job status right from the beginning of relationships, 30% of the ladies will dump a guy if they suddenly find out he works a menial job.

It is also interesting that most ladies (47%) think the proposal is more important and will accept one without a ring. With 32% of the guys also not interested in the ring debate, this probably works out well.

The release of this infographic is timely for a youth population seeking some direction in their relationships and also helps the older generation to understand current relationship trends among the Nigerian youth. In the words of Debola Amokomowo, the TNC in-house columnist who handles the poll column (Friday Polls), “This for me is one of the reasons why I joined the TNC team. It’s beyond just blogging..”

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Debola who joined the TNC team after participating in the inaugural edition of TNC created The Writer Competition – an online reality blogging competition designed to help discover talented writer and bloggers in Africa, also said “There are so many assumptions out there about the average African youth. It’s time for us to change those assumptions to facts. It’s time for us to tell our own stories and this is what we hope to achieve with TNC polls.”

Adding to this, founder and online editor of the site, Olawale Adetula said, “We are so excited about the release of our first infographic. Many will notice that it contains so many facts that go against common assumptions about the African and Nigerian youth. This is one of the ways we at TNC have committed to impact our society, by creating a platform where young Africans can express themselves without being judged.”

The Naked Convos team have asserted that there will be an intermittent release of such Infographics and other survey results from time to time in order to keep people informed about the lifestyle choices and trends of young Nigerians. View the full infographic here.


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