#ThrowbackThursday: Which Of These Items Did You Take To Boarding House?

It’s Throwback Thursday and we are looking back on the different items that were required as a student in boarding school. Those who attended boarding secondary schools can relate, as these items were very popular and well known. Check out these items and let us know which of them you couldn’t do without.

1. Iron Bucket: Iron buckets were extremely important in a boarding school. There was the only source of storing water to hit the bathroom. They came in only one size. If you didn’t have this in school, then you wouldn’t be comfortable.

2. Plastic kegs: Plastic kegs were very necessary for the boarding house. Considering the incessant cases of water scarcity, the plastic kegs were very important to store drinking water. The most common size was 10 litres, which came in different colours.

3. Silver torchlights: The silver torchlights were legends. You either have them or walk in darkness. They functioned with the big size batteries that you had to spread in the sun to torch.

4. Bathroom slippers: Bathroom slippers were almost impossible to do without in boarding houses. Till date, they are still very much in use and you can see them in the market in different colours and sizes.

5. Soap Dish: Your bathroom survival kit wasn’t complete without your soap dish and most times “Baela”. Your soap dish could also help you secure a space in the bathroom if it was crowded.

Which of these items couldn’t you do without? Let us know

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