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#ThrowbackThursday: Which Of These Artiste Do You Recognize

Money is definitely one of the keys to happiness. This Thursday, we are looking back at the old faces of some of our artists in the entertainment industry. While you burst out into laughter while taking at these pictures, which of them do you recognize?

1. Clue: This artiste was once a graphic designer, and also did covers for Olamide Badoo. He got married to his longtime sweetheart who is also a musician. He is also popular for his love songs and indigenous lyrics.

  1. Clue: He is known as the …..master. He gained popularity with his mouth organ which featured in a couple of his singles in the past. He also worked closely with Don Jazzy in the first few years of his music career.

  2. Clue: He is also known as ‘Omo Baba olowo’. He is one of the few Nigerian musicians to invent a trending dance step.

  3. Clue: He has a unique fashion sense, which includes eyewear. His lyrics are also funny but philosophical.

5. Clue: He recently won an award at the BET. He also goes by the nickname ‘African Giant’.

Let us know how smart you are!

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