The New Scrabble World Champion Is A Nigerian!

It’s a proud day for Nigeria and Nigerians as a new scrabble world champion was crowned today. Jighere Wellington beat Lewis Mackay 4-0 in a Best of Seven series in Perth Australia to emerge champion.

Jighere Wellington posted on Facebook, “Thanks all, for the prayers and the support. Just like our Oga, Sammy Okosagah, alluded to earlier on, it was a battle between one man and a whole continent. It was like I was borrowing the “pickability” of all the glorious pickers in the house. I’ll be releasing a more appropriate statement later. I really must endeavor to rest now. I’ve not slept well in about a week. The fact that I was able to perform in spite of the sleeplessness still baffles me. It only goes to prove that God was deeply involved in this matter. To him alone be all the glory!”

So, go ahead, y’all can famz already!

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