Sauti Sol group from Kenya performed at the opening ceremony of Indaba Africa Top Travel Show 2015. They performed two songs at the event – Ni shay ke,

INDABA is one of Africa’s largest tourism marketing shows on the African calendar.  It showcases the widest variety of Southern Africa’s best tourism, tours, wildlife and cities to attract buyers fromAfrica and beyond Africa soil.

Sauti Sol performed at ICC Durban to entertain the global audience at the opening ceremony of Indaba Africa’s Top Travel Show.

They didn’t disappoint the crowd and we got a 15 second snippet of their performance from the event. Click to watch it below. This is showcasing Africa to the best of the world.

After their performance at the event, we had a chat with them to know what they have for their fans in Africa and across the world. Read the excerpts below;


How do you feel performing at Indaba 2015 Opening show?


It was really cool beyond our expectation. It’s a new market and we love South Africa, their Tourism sector is on fleek and it’s really awesome. The reception was amazing and not what we expected. Their hospitality is good. We were here a couple of weeks ago. South African Tourism brought us here for a holiday South African Tourism is the bomb. They are good and we love the crowd, they were respective.



How many times have you been in South Africa?


We’ve been here several times and we’ve lost count. This is our second time in Durban. We’ve been in Johannesburg 4 times, Cape town once. We’ve been here quite a few times.



How did you feel when you saw the crowd stood up to dance to your songs while performing?


Having the crowd sing along was quite surprising because the two songs we performed are not really popular here. To see people stand up to sing along was really good. We like the fact that our music is becoming Pan African. Africans are creatures of rhythm and we love to dance and we connect. There is nothing like Kenyan Music, Nigerian Music, South African Music; if Wizkid came he’d probably kill it. Our biggest achievement is to be able to perform for our people and have our people appreciate what we do across the continent.


Are you working on an album soon?

We are done with our latest album and it is called – LIVE AND DIE AFRICA and it is been mastered in New York and it will be ready in June, 2015. It  is an album where we talked about African stories and stories that relate to Africans. We’ve been on tour abroad and we’ve played in so many places but when we play in Africa we feel so much fulfilment and we like playing for the African crowd. It’s like home; it’s cliche but it’s the truth and there is no place like home. It will be so nice to see Africans who out there to come back home and let’s build Africa to compete internationally and globally.


One word to your fans  out there


Stay tuned for more Sauti Sol, keep reaching out for more Suati Sol and we really love to come to Lagos to perform.


Watch the 15 second of their performance at Indaba 2015



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