SUNSHINE PROJECT: Here’s One Way To Share Love This Christmas


While still fidgeting which way to spend and shop this Christmas season, it won’t be a bad idea to consider
the people around you that may not have the financial capability to buy clothes or even have a decent meal
this Christmas. And just in case you are wondering where to share some love to the less privilege during
Christmas, look no further as we bring you the Sunshine project.

The Sunshine project is an initiative of Ayo Van Elmar (a Nigerian-Born fashion designer based in Vienna,
Austria) aimed at bringing sunshine into the lives and putting smiles on the faces of children whose parents
are truly unable to afford clothes and new pair of shoes for them this Christmas.

Ayo has been in Lagos for over four weeks now designing costumes and styling up contestants for the TV
show, Nigeria’s Got Talent. However, while undergoing the Nigeria’s Got Talent project, it occurred to her
that there are still a whole lot of kids in the streets that can’t afford to live comfortably in Nigeria; a country
with so much endowment. Parents of these kids strive hard to get them through public primary schools and
struggle even harder to put food on their tables, buy them school uniforms and books. Hence, getting them
clothes during this Christmas season may be an uphill task for them.

Ayo was inspired to begin to use the left over fabrics that was bought for the TV show as well as the rest of
the fabrics that had been left from past collections to make clothing for children who are among the poorest
in their communities. Lagos has a very strong Christmas culture and it is a norm that children get new clothes,
often their only clothes for the next year, at Christmas.

The Ayo Van Elmar team had already visited Ebenezer Public Primary School, Egbeda Lagos where they
delivered the first set of new clothes on the 7th of December. It was a beautiful experience as the children
went home happily and blessed. It was indeed a privilege and an honour for the team, to serve these little
ones and bring your donations to them as a blessing and a love offering this Christmas.



The team has got two more distributions coming up, today, 14th December and on the 21st of December.
They still need your support as they are slowly running out of funds. A pair of good shoes costs 2 000 naira.
So nothing you give is too small. A little here and a little there fills the pot. If parents of these children cannot
afford new Christmas clothes, they obviously cannot afford shoes either. So they will also be buying the
children shoes too.

Ayo van Elmar is sincerely asking you to be part of the people to put a smile on the faces of the Nigerian
Children this Christmas season by supporting the Sunshine Project. The more you give, the more clothes and
shoes the children get.

Sunshine Project is urging you to touch the life of a child who may not even have a Christmas attire and a
new pair of shoes this Christmas.


To be part of this project in Nigeria, you can send your contribution to the Project Coordinator’s account

Alternatively, you can buy a voucher online via this link
At the end of the project, we will send you a summary of how much we received in donations and how it was

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We hope you’ve been touched to give a little sunshine this Christmas to a child that really, really needs it!


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