Sultry Singer, D’lyte Release Hot New Pictures

D’lyte, the Super Woman crooner is at it again, this time with a song that will make you fall in love again and again. After dropping the much talked about Super Woman video, a song dedicated to women, D’lyte is here with this super song that will keep you moving every part of your body anywhere you are, titled, ‘Every Part Of Me’.

A beautiful love song with a super force that is breaking every rule of love. D’lyte, the sweet singer and lover-girl has the ability to thrill anyone, anywhere, anytime with her singing prowess and she is delectable to watch perform.



Sexy or not?? You be the judge..


Dlyte1 Dlyte2 Dlyte4 Dlyte3 Dlyte5 Dlyte8 Dlyte7 Dlyte12 Dlyte10 Dlyte9

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