Stardom Nigeria; Highlights of what went down yesterday

In case you missed it, Here’s a sneak peek of what went down yesterday at the stardom Nigeria music reality show.

One of the key attributes of this show is the opportunity for every contestants including songwriters, producers and vocalist to come up with rhythms and beautiful sounds to create music.

Last week, the contestants were given songs to work on, they were to change the narratives, and come up with their specific vibes and tune to the songs.

These contestants worked tirelessly during the week to recreate sounds from the songs they had been given and it was time for the judges to give their verdict.

The Judges were impressed with some of the performances and were not so pleased with some, at the end of the day it was all survival of the fittest.

During the week the contestants had some music icons as visitors like the talented Nigerian songwriter and musician Brymo and the legendary music producer, Chris Okoro.

Sadly, 24 contestants were shortlisted as the remaining took their bow as their journey ends.







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