Spot Why Everyone’s Giggling at the Royal Family’s Perfect Christmas Card

The royals have gifted the world with their latest family portrait, and it’s of course as beautiful as ever and if you take a closer look at their idyllic Christmas card, you’ll notice something every parent, or rather, anyone who has every spent more than five minutes with an infant, can relate to. 

Kate Middleton‘s perfect hair was too distracting, as were Prince George’s floppy curls and Charlotte’s cheeks, to notice what was awry at first, but after staring for a while you realize the little princess had kicked off her shoe.

royal family kate middleton prince william

Note the little red toy truck pictured near Charlotte probably used to persuade 2-year-old George, who looks like he’s about to go for a sprint, to hop into the frame. Plus, judging by the intensity in Prince William’s eyes, you can tell he’s totally thinking, Bloody hell, Georgie boy, please just stand still for one more second, then you can bugger off. 

This is all further evidence that while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are by far fancier than any of us but as far as royals go, they’re pretty darned down-to-earth.

Photo Credit: Kengsingtonroyal on Instagram

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