Your Smile; A Gift To Share

When someone gives you a beaming smile, how do you respond? Most likely you smile back and probably feel happier too. yes, genuine smiles whether from friends or family members or total strangers are infectious, and they evoke good feelings. A woman named Magdalena commented:”Georg, my late husband, had a warm smile. when our eyes met i felt relaxed and secure”.


A genuine smile indicates positive emotions,such as amusement, happiness and pleasure. Even new-borns are able to interpret facial expressions with great precision.” Researchers at Harvard University in the United states studied a group of elderly patients and their responses to the facial expressions of health care providers. when the caregivers’ facial expressions were perceived as more warm, caring and empathetic said the researchers, the patients felt more satisfied and their physical well being improved.

Just note that when you smile you may also be doing yourself a favor. the benefits, studies suggest, include increased confidence and happiness and reduced feeling of stress. Frowning by comparison, may have the opposite effect.

Awake No. 1 2017



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