Six Men Sentenced To Death For Killing Two Boys In Bangladesh

Two thirteen year old boys were killed in Bangladesh and one of the murders was filmed on a phone and eventually went viral, causing public outrage.

Samiul Alam Rajon was accused of stealing a rickshaw and was beaten to death by four men in a country where public lynchings are commonplace but 13 year old Samiul’s gruesome killing softened even the hardest heart. He was tied to a pole and repeatedly hit with a metal rod.

The video shows him pleading with his attackers “Don’t beat me, please, I will die, I will die.”

A court in Bangladesh has sentenced four men to death for his murder.

Two mechanics have also been sentenced to death for the killing of another 13 year old, Rakib Hawlader in August after he quit his job. The two mechanics pumped air into his body as punishment for leaving his job.

Judge Akbar Hossain Mridha found Karum Islam and three others guilty of fatally torturing Samiul Rajon and sentenced all four to death while in the second case Judge Dilruba Sultana, pronounced a death sentence on the owner of the car repair shop in Khulna and an employee had tortured and killed Hawlader.

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