Short Notes on Self Improvement

It’s a lonely and depressing feeling to know what you want, to dream of living a better life, and maybe even to believe you could make it happen, if only . . . if only you had self-confidence.

Without it, you are shackled to a compromised life. You dwell in dreams, but your reality is far less than you want it to be. Every time you try to improve your life, something holds you back.

You want to ask for a promotion, but you just can’t muster up the courage to be direct with your boss.

You’d love to speak to that attractive woman, but you’ve never felt sure about your looks and personality.

That new business opportunity looks promising, but you question yourself constantly, afraid you can’t make it work.


If you’d like some real motivation to rebuild your confidence, let me share some of the critical ways low confidence is negatively impacting your life.

1. Your finances

People with high levels of self-confidence make significantly more money annually than those with low confidence. Confidence is such an important factor in financial success that self-confidence people from blue-collar families make about $7,000 more than those from the same class without confidence. And those confident people from the professional classes make a whooping $28,000 more than their low-confidence peers. Clearly self-confidence is a lucrative quality, one that pays in a big way.

2. Career success

Low confidence makes us question ourselves, our abilities and our judgment. At work, we avoid taking calculated risks, setting ambitious goals, and taking decisive actions. In fact, those with low confidence often engage in subconscious behaviors that undermine their success, making them less likely to ask for or get promotions, raises and even jobs. Confident people who believe in themselves tend to set ambitious goals, and follow through on them, leading to more opportunities and respect in the business world. Even when they hardships or setbacks, confident people aren’t as likely allow these situation to undermine their self-esteem and success.

3. Relationship happiness

Even though people with low confidence and self-esteem want affirmation and acceptance from their partners, their self-doubts poison the relationship with insecurities and neediness, sabotaging the love and happiness they so desire from the relationship. Often people with low confidence have skewed perceptions about what other people think about them. They greatly underestimate how their partners and other significant people view them.

4. Mental and physical health

Chronic low self-confidence can diminish your self-esteem your general sense of worthiness and value. When you don’t have confidence in your abilities, appearance, or capacity for success, eventually you’ll begin to think you aren’t a good person and you don’t deserve positive things to happen to you.

5. General life achievement

Confidence breeds self-belief — the conviction that you can achieve almost anything. Having positive self-belief allow you to embrace new challenges.

6. Decision Making and Problem Solving

When you lack self-confidence, you feel trapped. You don’t trust yourself or your ability to make sound decisions or to handle difficulties in the best way. Every decision or problem you encounter is excruciating because you can’t face it with the conviction you have the judgement, knowledge, or discernment you need to take the best course of action. So often you simply do nothing and allow events to play out on their own.

One of the best ways to rebuild your confidence is by making small decisions and managing small problems, in spite of your low confidence feelings. As you gain confidence, you feel empowered to tackle bigger issues.

7. Appearance and Attractiveness

As you can see, low self-confidence holds you back from living a full and rich life and enjoying the success and achievement you deserve. It keeps you from rising up to your innate potential and enjoying the rewards of healthy, loving relationships. By learning and practicing the skills to rebuild your confidence, you are giving yourself a lifetime gift that will markedly change your outlook and empower you to seize your dreams.




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