After working with DJ Cuppy for the Cuppy Gold Gala, a fundraising event for the less privileged, Nigerian dancer, Kaffy is wowed and has only positive words for the billionaire daughter.

Over the years, Cuppy has suffered bullying and criticisms on social media as some people often look for avenues to bash her or her music. But despite that, she has remained positive and continued what she wants to do.

After working with her on the recent project, Kaffy is shocked at how anyone could bash Cuppy. Taking to her social media page, Kaffy hailed Cuppy for her work ethics and her beautiful heart.

Read her note to DJ Cuppy below:

@cuppymusic you were neither a client to me nor a project, you were a challenge I was willing to take. I have always wondered way before I met this lady why there was sooo much negative energy towards her by people who don’t know her.

I wondered what was her crime? Is it because she was born into wealth? Is that her fault? Is it because she is happy doing what she loves daring and not minding how people bullied her about not being talented enough for her doing what makes her happy . As if happiness requires talent. A lot are talented yet depressed.

What got me more was her bravery to be vulnerable in front of the whole world, learning on the job and getting better despite all. It was a long hard and difficult journey I later came to learn for her but she persevered. We met casually on many occasions hoping one day we might get to work together. As I watched her one day on stage perform, I was like I think I know what she is trying to do, not yet perfect but can be worked on.

One thing I came to realize this young lady possesses is the reason she will always disappoint her haters….. Discipline, Drive, Determination and diligence.
Her work ethic was admirable on our first job together and I knew one day I would achieve something big with her.

Today I am a very proud woman as I am very very impressed and proud of @cuppymusic . And I have full Confidence that her impact shall change lives and cause a positive shift in our country.

This project shook my core as the journey wasn’t easy ….. nothing good comes easy ….but it ended in praise ;God be glorified for this Success.
Thank you cuppy for giving me an opportunity to take creative control from Gelato video to this Gala night.

Learnt a lot of lessons!
Let’s all stay humble and Love one another.

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