Second Annual LagosPhoto Fundraiser Sponsored by EKO HOTEL & SUITES and Etisalat Nigeria Has Been Postponed

The LagosPhoto Foundation announces its annual fundraiser themed Observation No Be Crime in support of the LagosPhoto Festival 2013 in September. Due to unforeseen circumstances the initial date of July 13th, 2013 had to be postponed. The date change will greatly improve the event by providing us more time to bring more artists to the auction and more musical acts to perform this year. The prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites Lagos will remain the venue for the event and the official date in September will be announced along with the confirmed musical acts and entertainment.


Launched in 2010, LagosPhoto Festival is the first and only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. The month long programme, events include exhibitions, workshops, artist presentations, discussions, screenings, and large scale outdoor prints displayed throughout the city with the aim of reclaiming public spaces and engaging the general public with multifaceted stories of Africa. LagosPhoto aims to establish a community for contemporary photography which will unite local and international artists through images that encapsulate individual experiences and identities from across all of Africa. The festival presents and educates about photography as it is embodied in the exploration of historical and contemporary issues, the sharing of cultural practices, and the promotion of social programmes. LagosPhoto presents a contemporary and historical visual essay of the continent to both a local and global audience.


LagosPhoto 2013 will represent two dominant modes of photographic expression under the theme The Megacity and the Non-City, that of the documentary tradition and the expanded realm of image-based practices incorporating conceptual and new media strategies. The Megacity and the Non-City looks at both the development of urban centres in Africa and the influences of technology, the Internet, and the digital revolution, and examines how they have transformed photography and our sense of place in a globally connected world. While these two domains of photography are at once complementary, they also speak to very different readings and functions of photography. As “The Megacity” presents a photojournalistic perspective that documents the fast pace of change occurring in Africa today, “The Non-City” extends LagosPhoto’s focus to account for artistic practices that examine the mass circulation of images and the politics of representation.


A new partnership with World Press Photo, a preeminent international competition and exhibition that features the best of photojournalism worldwide, will bring its annual exhibition to Lagos to be showcased alongside the festival. LagosPhoto Foundation has signed a three-year contract to bring the World Press Photo exhibition to Lagos, expanding the conceptual scope of the festival to include the global discourse of photojournalism and current events worldwide. The World Press Photo exhibition will open on October 18, 2013 at the Eko Hotel & Suites.


Through our numerous collaborations, LagosPhoto continues to provide a platform for the improvement and progression of professional and emerging photographic talent through a comprehensive public programming initiative that includes portfolio reviews, artist presentations, panel discussions, studio courses, and production workshops facilitated by prominent local and international photographers. A complete schedule of LagosPhoto programmes will be announced in the coming months.




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