Sade Adu’s daughter, Mickailia Adu, has fully transitioned into a man

Mickailia “Ila” Adu, singer Sade’s only child, came out as a transgender man in an Instagram post. In a post on his private Instagram account.

Ila posted a picture of himself captioned “today is the first day of the rest of my life. 4/10/16.”

The caption included a sun and needle emoji, and some hashtags indicating Ila is starting on hormone therapy. The hashtags included #ftm, #transman, #proud and #yaaassss.

ila adu

When he used to be a woman, but now Ila has taken due procedures and measures and is now identified as a man. Previously, 20-year-old Ila identified as a lesbian woman, but now has come out as transgender.

Ila’s announcement coincided with National Coming Out Day, a day meant to encourage people to open up about their identity to family, friends and the world. To encourage young people all over to come out.

ila adu

Ila has fully transitioned and even has beards now.

ila adu

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