Rwanda’s Supreme Court Ruling Paves Way For Kagame’s Third Term Bid

The Rwandan Supreme Court has dismissed the petition from Rwanda’s opposition party today, upholding a removal of tenure limit passed by members of Parliament.

Today’s ruling Paves the way for long serving President, Paul Kagame to run for another 7 year term.

The opposition, Democratic Green Party went to court to challenge a constitutional amendment proposal by the Parliament agreed in July.

Chief Justice Sam Rugege said, according to news agency AFP. “Denying the free will of the people to choose how they are governed is not democratic, rather it is the opposite,”

He then dismissed the petition.

The Rwandan Parliament amended Article 101 of the Constitution which provides a two term limit after millions of Rwandans reportedly signed a petition.

Rwandan Constitution – Article 101

The President of the Republic is elected for a term of seven years renewable only once. Under no circumstances shall a person hold the office of President of Republic for more than two terms.”

Rwanda Constitution – Article 193

“The power to initiate amendment of the constitution is vested concurrently in the President of the Republic upon the proposal of the cabinet and each Chamber of Parliament upon a resolution passed by a two thirds majority vote of its members.

“The passage of a constitutional amendment requires a three quarters majority vote of the members of each chamber of Parliament. However, if the constitutional amendment concerns the term of the President of the Republic or the system of democratic government based on political pluralism, or the constitutional regime established by this constitution especially the republican form of the government or national sovereignty, the amendment must be passed by referendum, after adoption by each Chamber of Parliament. No

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