Royal Philips Launched Its “Buy Original” Campaign In Nigeria

Philips wants to put consumers in a position that they are confident that they are purchasing an original Philips product.


According to local media reports the Standards Organization of Nigeria  stated that in 2011, about 85 percent of goods in circulation in Nigeria were substandard and counterfeit. As of 2014, the level has gone down to 40 percent (in certain industries) which still implies that out of every 10 products, four are counterfeit.



  • World-wide, cross border trade in physical counterfeits alone costs the global economy USD 250 billion a year
  • Philips campaign to address counterfeit product sales in Nigeria and across the continent; consumer protection through innovative hologram security stickers and code identification
  • Sms validation of Philips lighting products through dedicated 20822 sms verification center is in the process of being implemented
  • Two-year guarantee on all original Philips products



Philips is setting up a dedicated website www.philips.com/buyoriginal where consumers can send queries or feedback and also where they can find details of genuine v/s counterfeit products as well as details of all Philips authorized distributors.




Steps consumers can take to identify Philips original consumer products:

  • Look out for the Hologram “Original” Sticker on the packaging of Philips consumer appliances and Philips AVENT baby products. This immediately identifies the product as a Philips original. It not only protects the consumer’s two-year guarantee with Philips but also confirms the brand’s superior technology and safety promise.


IMG_4557 IMG_4544

When purchasing Philips lighting products:

  • Make sure you find the unique code on the Security Label which will be on the box. In Nigeria, you can SMS the 16-digit code to 20822to receive verification of the product’s authenticity. The label is fitted with digital anti-forgery technology and is fixed with secure die-cutting which ensures it’s completely destroyed when removed making it impossible to add to non-Philips products.

“It is imperative that consumers only buy Philips products from approved distributors and retailers because when you purchase a Philips original, you are buying safe, superior technology every time,” concludes Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke.

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