Ride To Shine | Uneku Atawodi – First Black Polo Professional Player

Uneku Saliu-Atawodi  is popularly known as “Neku Atawodi”. She is a Nigerian female polo player and she is known for being one of the few black female polo players in the world.


Uneku organised the first ever female tournament to be held in West Africa creating awareness about the sport in Africa.



In August 2013, two global media brands Forbes and the BBC  recognized the works of Uneku Atawodi who is not just a history making, young polo player but she is also making change happen by giving orphans a chance to have more to look forward to in their future.



She is a Global Shaper, she is young and daring and she is another reason young Africans can look at themselves and see that it is not about who is going to let them make a difference but about who is going to stop them.


This November, Uneku Awatodi will be featured on Trace Urban Sports. Her work will televise Polo in 104 countries! Please look out for info and full teaser videos soon.


And also have in mind she is a global shaper. You will get to hear more of her soon on our platform.





neku atawodi

Neku Atawodi with Minister Of Sports, Nigeria – Bolaji Abudullahi

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