Rele Gallery is pleased to present the last exhibition of 2017. Opening on the 3rd of December, TRANSPARENT will be a solo show of recent and unique mixed media works by the Nigerian visual artist, Isaac Emokpae.

In TRANSPARENT, we find a player in the words of the title for the exhibition in the demonstration with the choice of medium and its theme. Culled from two words, TRANS (through) and PAPERE (Come into sight or appear), one direction of the exhibition is revealed— the stained glass pieces however brilliant they appear have achieved a reflective quality associated with them. They stand as a conduit to invoking contemplation from the viewer; by this, the by-passer is taken into rumination: how well are they being worthy mediums in the world?


The exhibition aims to inspire its visitors to realize that they are the membrane through which each successive generation sees God’s light and by seeing these pieces, feel a need to reflect a beautiful apparition when the light passes through.


On the other hand, TRANSPARENT during the showing period, is an atmosphere for gratitude. The artist seeks ascribing this to both father figures in his life— both earthly and divine— who have and will continue to inspire his creative journey.


Isaac Emokpae is an award-winning artist who has held several group and solo exhibitions within and outside Nigeria.

He studied Visual Arts under the tutelage of Professor Abayomi Barber at the University of Lagos; it was during this that time that he truly honed his skills as a painter churning out works largely in the Expressionism and Surrealism art movements.


TRANSPARENT is graciously supported by Northcourt Real Estates.


The exhibition opens in Rele Gallery by 4pm and will run till the 7th of January 2018. We look forward to welcoming you to this experience!

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