Relationship Lessons we learnt from Banky W and Adesua Etomi big news

Few days ago, Mr. Capable himself broke the internet by making public his engagement with actress Adesua Etomi.

Surprisingly the couples have been together for 3 months before deciding to take it public. As usual the news sparked up numerous controversy, rumors and lots of memes but also taught us some relationship lessons which we will be sharing with you guys.

Here are some relationship tips we learnt from Banky and Adesua’s big news

#1: Keep things Quiet till it’s time to make the world know

Am pretty sure that Banky wanted to go public the very seconds Susu (as he calls her) said YES… But instead they kept their mouth shut and their twitter fingers at bay (to the level that even the all-knowing Linda Ikeji didn’t know)

Sometimes low key is the best key, the world via social media doesn’t have to know everything that happens in your relationship – announce the important news but keep the rest within those that truly matter.

banky w and adesua etomi

#2: Once you see what you want – Go after it with everything

Although Banky’s celebrity status might have boosted his chances of getting the ever beautiful Adesua but truth be told – he made an effort by sliding into her DM and building a friendship, he didn’t admire from a far, give himself reason why they couldn’t t be together and then move on to the next lady that would ‘whine pon da thing


The difference between getting what you want in life and not getting it is determine by the effort you put into it, so when next you see someone you like rather than sit home and fantasize how life would be with her, why not follow the steps of our brother in the ministry Banky and make an effort, slide into her DM, approach her in person and let things develop from there.

#3: Start from Being Friends and Grow from there

We can’t really say how the friendship developed but we can at least say that the peers were friends for a while before Banky summoned courage to go on one knees


Taking things to the next level is good but make sure the next level is where you are supposed to be – build a friendship first, then graduate to a relationship and if God willing, put a ring on that finger.

#4: Don’t be afraid to move things forward

Banky W at the right time took things to the next level, he didn’t wait till everything was perfect.


Act once the time is right because there will never be a perfect timing to take things forward.

banky w and adesua etomi



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