Redrick presents “the people behind 14 brands we love”.

Redrick PR presents a valentine’s special. They have brought together 14 CEOs whose brand they love.

The Chief Executive Officer is very crucial to the success of a brand. Their role of astute leadership, complex as it is daunting, must balance vulnerability and risk-taking. A CEO must have tunnel vision backed by creative strategies to build, inspire and motivate a team. For growing SMEs, the CEO’s role is a lot more magnified, and is often the corner stone of the brand’s success.

SMEs are the drivers of the Nigerian economy contributing 45% of the total employment and 33 % of the national GDP. At Redrick PR, we are passionate about SMEs and support them through the growth and acceleration of their businesses. We have been privileged to work with visionary CEOs who keep us inspired, and energized with the boldness to be bigger and better.

To celebrate these often unsung heroes, we have chosen to launch an annual Valentine’s Day feature tagged “The People Behind 14 Brands We Love” which profiles the CEOs behind 14 phenomenal Nigerian brands.

February 14th is a day to express love and appreciation for those we respect and admire. We admire the tenacity and creativity of these 14 CEOs who are growing brands we believe have the potential to contribute significantly to the Nigerian economic landscape.

We are thankful for the support of our partners, XXIV Karat, who join us in celebrating these 14 CEOs.

“We at XXIV Karat, a growing luxury brand, saw a great opportunity to partner with a company like Redrick PR who focuses on enhancing the images of companies in Nigeria which in turn strengthens the core of a much needed and valuable ecosystem. This piece on ’14 Brands We Love’ was the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishments of these chosen leaders” – Omor Eguasa, Brand Manager XXIV Karat

To the chosen 14, well done and keep up the good work. Read about the chosen 14 Here

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