Reasons Why Nigerian Women Leave Their Men

Love can be confusing at times, so much so that you can claim to love someone at a particular point in time and walk out on them. This is especially so for Nigerian women who may seem to find it somewhat easy to leave the person they are unhappy with. It is usually a tough struggle for Nigerian women to end a relationship, since they have to bear the burden of starting afresh or even initiating a love move.
A lot of women leave their relationships and marriages while leaving a lot behind and they do so for good reasons too.

Here are reason Nigerian women leave the men they love.

The Sex Is Boring
Sex is a lot more important than many people care to admit. Irrespective of the emotions involved, a lot of women will be unwilling to stay if they know that you won’t be able to unscrew all the nuts in their body. Women want men who would do pleasurable things to them and bring out passion they never knew existed in them.
Sex is important to women because it keeps some sort of connection between them and their men. If you can’t satisfy the sexual urges of your woman, she’d most likely bring up an excuse to leave.

Failure To Give Them Attention
A lot of men fail in this regard. No woman wants a man that is absent in their life. While you can be busy with work, claiming to not have time, watching television, playing video games and doing things that basically don’t involve an active participation of the woman you claim to love, your woman maybe deciding to walk out of your relationship.
Nigerian women, like their counterparts worldwide are sensitive and having an endless list of activities that doesn’t involve her may give her an impression that those things are more important than her. Women hate to be neglected and the moment they notice you’re taking them for granted, they’d want to leave.

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Boredom is another reason Nigerian women leave their relationships. When women feel that the relationship is no longer interesting and they feel lonely even when you are around, they may be looking to call it quits. It could be that they are miserable and depressed and just want to opt out of the relationship before they lose themselves.

Some women leave the men they love simply because they are filled with guilt. It could be that they cheated and don’t want the secret to be exposed or they fell in love with someone else. They know the longer they stay with you, there’s a chance that someone may get humiliated. This may result in them wanting to leave the relationship while they still can before the truth of their infidelity comes to light.

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A lot of women can’t handle their men cheating on them and they will leave the man if they discover they’re being cheated on. The modern Nigerian woman doesn’t want to share her man and when they start feeling like the love is one sided and they would never be appreciated, they prepare a ground for exit.
Regardless of the love they have for you, a Nigerian woman would rather walk away than wallow in sadness or do something stupid when she finds out you’re cheating on her.

Being Violent
Domestic abuse and violence towards women is on the increase and a lot of Nigerian women are unlucky to have men that act violently towards them. Unfortunately, a number of women that suffer domestic violence make excuses for the men who perpetuate the abuse. If you act violently towards your woman, it is best to seek help and counselling as you’d most likely lose her to senseless violence.

The Opinions Of Their Friends
Nigerian women most times share their dissatisfaction with happenings in their relationships with their friends the same way they will share the happy moments. This may result in their friends relating other experiences they’ve heard about which may in turn influence the decision of your woman to leave you, especially if the situation is an unpalatable one.

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