R Kelly Streams On Spotify Have Gone Up Since The First Airing Of ‘Surviving R Kelly’

It looks as if the the attention, albeit negatively, being given to R Kelly has only increased his numbers on streaming network, Spotify.

A new docuseries Surviving R Kelly, features interviews with over 50 people, many of whom were part of the singer’s team and some of the girls he allegedly molested and physically assaulted, and talks about his long history of sexual assault and mental abuse.

While reaction has been overwhelmingly negative after the first episode aired two days ago, it has also increased the public’s appetite for his music, which has seen a 16% rise since the episode aired.

It isn’t currently clear which demography is listening, whether it is a new audience who are curious about his music or old fans who are suddenly reminded about his old hits.

Spotify had banned R Kelly from its playlists after the #MuteRKelly campaign toke off but were forced to backed after several artists responded negatively to the idea.

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