R Kelly Returns To Jail Over Failure To Pay Child Support

R Kelly has been taken back to Jail for failing to pay for child support.

He was re-arrested on Wednesday, mere weeks after he was released on sexual abuse charges.

He was ordered to go back to court by a a judge in Chicago after his inability to come up with the $161,000 he owes in payments to his ex-wife and their three children.

According to his lawyer, Darryll Johnson, R Kelly was prepared to pay $50,000 to $60,000 of what he owed, but the judge asked for the full amount.

“We were coming expecting that he was gonna come and make an arrangement, but they wanted the entire amount,” Darryll Johnson told reporters at the courthouse.

“The reason he can’t pay, as you know, he hadn’t worked in a long time. He can’t book shows he can’t do anything,” Johnson said.

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