Prominent Putin Critic, Boris Nemstov Shot Dead

A prominent Russian opposition politician, Boris Nemstov was shot dead yesterday in Moscow, the Russian capital. He was shot four times in the back just days following his support for a protest march. He was shot while crossing a bridge near the red square, and he was reportedly in the company of a woman.

Mr Nemstov, a vocal public figure once served as Deputy Prime minister under Boris Yeltsin. His opposition to the war in Ukraine put him on opposite sides of the fence with Vladmir Putin.

In an interview conducted just a few weeks ago, Nemstov expressed fears that Vladmir Putin might have him killed as a result of his staunch opposition to the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Putin has publicly condemned the murder and has vowed to handle the investigation personally.

Russian Police say he was shot with a pistol and the car which the shooter was in fled the scene.

Mr. Nemstov will be remembered as an ardent democrat in a country where Vladmir Putin has imposed himself and entrenched his rule with an iron fist. Never one to be scared of criticizing Putin, he said in an interview in 2011; “I love Russia and want the best for her, so for me criticizing Putin is a very patriotic activity because these people are leading Russia to ruin,”.

Mr. Nemstov was aged 55.

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