Presidency: Military Action Will Hurt Hostages

The presidency, yesterday, criticized terrorists’ activities in the country but complained about the dilemma in dealing with the situation as military attacks on their locations could result in collateral harm to innocent hostages. ?

The presidency, which depicted the “latest version of terror” in the country as a propaganda tool to implant fear in the citizens and force governments to submit to their demands, nevertheless, assured of the military’s capacity to neutralize any untoward activities, saying, restraints by the armed forces is to avert collateral destruction to the innocent.?
“The country’s security and defense forces are not ignorant or helpless. They have their plans and ways of doing things, which they will not exhibit in the media.?
“It suffices to say that the security forces are not relenting. They are acutely informed of their duties, responsibilities, and what the nation expects of them. Whenever they begin upon those actions, they expect that the public should provide them with the needed support,” the presidency said.?
Proceeding with, it said: “The dilemmas in dealing with the specific case of train terrorists are manifold: corrective action like the popular call for carpet bombing of the known localities may satisfy the desire of an angry public for revenge, but what about the hostages? They have committed no offense. All they did was board a train.”?

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