Police arrests suspects who [email protected] Actor, Steve Eboh

The police have reportedly arrested suspects linked to the violent [email protected] on actor Steve Eboh popularly known as Ajebo.

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas revealed the news on Instagram. He said four suspects were apprehended after the Inspector General of Police was petitioned. 

“Appreciating the IG of Police:
Precisely on 1st July 2022 at about 2 pm in Enugu state some armed men attacked one of my members Mr. Steve Eboh aka AJEBO who is also my SSA on Military and other Governmental Affairs”.

We took the matter up with a petition to the IG of the police and an investigation commenced. I am happy to announce to the Actors Guild, our friends, and our supporters that four of the culprits were arrested last night.

“I want to thank the Inspector General of Police for this response.
This is a note of warning to all bullies who derive pleasure from using Actors to catch a cruise. Nollywood has done very well for Nigeria so Actors shouldn’t be objects of verbal or physical attacks.

“No Member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria deserves to be victimized, assaulted, or intimidated by anybody born by a woman. Not under my watch.”

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