Plays by Bunmi Davies- To Debut With Anger Of Unfufillment

The quest to create Nigeria’s first 100% Comedy platform began and within a year, STAND UP NIGERIA became a household name growing from a show watched by less than twelve people at d first edition to one watched by a few millions everyday within and outside Niger

We begin another journey… to build a virile contemporary Nigerian theatre platform. PlaysByBunmiDavies is the next big thing. Be part of our success story. Just like the movie, comedy and music sectors, theatre can also be for a living if well packaged. Your suggestions mean a lot to us. Get involved! Let’s talk on BB Pin 27514217

The first edition (Anger of Unfulfillment written by award winning poet, playwright and Banker, Jekwu Ozoemene) comes up on Sat. Sept 14th 2013 at The Muson. If you can afford to watch a movie at the cinemas then you can conveniently watch our plays because it’s more affordable.

Enquiries: 07055553000, 08175553000 or add up on BB pin 27514217

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