Petition Against FG’s Vaccine Mandate Reaches 2000 Signatures In 12 Hours

Petition Against FG’s Vaccine Mandate Reaches 2000 Signatures in 12 Hours

A group known as Alliance Against Forced Vaccination has condemned the FG’s stance on vaccine mandate through a petition published on, which has garnered over 2,000 signatures in less than 12 hours.

Stating that it is unconscionable and a direct violation of Human Rights in Nigeria, they said “everyone has a right to choose, live and interact freely without prejudice and should not be forced by a vaccine mandate.

Adverse effects have been reported for these vaccines all over the world and almost every day, there are new adverse reactions reported.”

The group stressed; “We the people must rise and protect our liberty by resisting this move by the Federal Government of Nigeria to enforce vaccine mandates for all civil servants. All over the world, courts are throwing out vaccine mandates, and the Government must take a cue from the growing global reject of vaccine mandates. We cannot allow this, especially with the current state of COVID-19 in Nigeria.”

The group also had a rebuttal to the 72-hour PCR test for those who planned not taking the vaccine. They argued that “considering the financial implication of frequent testing, it is practically and financially impossible for many to afford bi-weekly PCR tests as the minimum wage in the country cannot successfully pay for a PCR Test.”

The group further petitioned that with the current COVID statistics in Nigeria of less than 13,000 active cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria (208,000 cases with 195,000 recovered) since February 2020 when the index case of Covid-19 was registered in the country, it is safe to state that Covid-19 does not present itself as the greatest threat to public health; especially with just 2,700+ deaths in Nigeria.

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