PDP Blames Opposition For Fuel Scarcity

As the scarcity of fuel enters its fourth day and Nigerians endure long queues in hopes of buying fuel, Adamu Muazu, the National Chairman of the PDP has accused opposition leaders of being behind the scarcity of petroleum products.

He took to his Twitter page to accuse opposition leaders of hoarding petroleum products; “Concerned Nigerians have drawn our attention to the fact that some opposition leaders and vested interests are behind hoarding of fuel.

“Concerned Nigerians also drew our attention to plans by those who control the South-West disco to sabotage electricity in the zone.

“We assure Nigerians, they will fail. All their plans to tarnish the image of the government will fail like all other previous attempts.We want to assure concerned Nigerians, especially all of you here on social media, that we will reverse this trend soonest.”

A few hours after his allegation had gone viral, Muazu backpedaled and claimed that he never blamed APC for the fuel scarcity.

Even though he recanted his allegation, the PDP campaign organisation went ahead to make a similar allegation when its Director of Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Fani Kayode released a statement. He said in his statement; “We know who the fuel marketers are. We know the relationship that exists between one of the biggest fuel marketers and a national leader of the APC.

“These unconscionable opposition elements infiltrated the ranks of the fuel marketers, whom they have contracted, in a calculated attempt to frustrate the good efforts of government.

“Why have they taken this time when all hands are on deck for the March 28 elections to cause this artificial fuel scarcity? The situation is so bad that they are not importing the product.

“They are even threatening tank farmers not to release any fuel in their depot in order to sustain the shortage. We are aware that the tank farmers have reported the threat to the Police and other security agencies.

“The PDPPCO wishes to use this medium to alert the nation on the lingering plot by the opposition elements, who have been sponsoring their agents of destruction in the power sector to vandalise critical infrastructure in order to reduce the megawatts of electricity that is being generated and reverse the gains that government is making in the sector.”

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