Topic: Reinvention in your business

Reinvention is taking a decision to make sure your company, brand or business is gaining and is relevant, it is taking that decision to make a change. In reinventing, you have to rethink what you want to do and understand what your brand is.

It is not wrong to switch career or business, reinvention is important for an entrepreneur, you need to switch when the time is right and make relevant and realistic decision about your business. The reality is reinventing.

Five-point when reinventing

  1. Know when to make a change: You have to know when to reinvent, there are important questions you have to answer like, At what point do you want to reinvent? How old is your business? After relocating to another city, Poor staffing, competition, at what would you invent? these are some of the reasons to reinvent.
  2. Decide what you want: Ask yourself why you want to reinvent, you don’t just make a U-turn, You must know where you are going, know what you want to reinvent to. You need to reinvent when things are not working for you, and when things are working. You always have to reinvent.
  3. Follow the plan that you know not what you don’t know.
  4. Make that switch: There’s nothing wrong in switching business when things are not working, so make that decision to switch, but before you switch you have to understand what you are doing something wrong and you must have used all strategies, then you can reinvent.
  5. Have a business mentor: For you to reinvent, you have to get a mentor, someone to put you through and you must be ready to make an investment because mentorship is not free, you have to pay for and give value to it. Don’t get stuck to what is not working for you, make that switch and reinvent your brand.

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