It was an exciting Thursday on Twitter as the OSG team had an interesting tweet chat session with the creative Digital art enthusiast, Elisha Ayo Oluwa Heres the conversation you might have missed:


Q: Hey guys!! It is time for the #OSGTweetChat with @elishaayooluwa. Hello Ayo?  How are you doing today?

Elisha – Hi, I’m doing really good,
Happy to be here ?

Q: Great!! Lets get to it. . So could you briefly tell us about yourself?

Elisha – I am AyoOluwa Nihinlola, from Ogbomoso in Oyo state, Nigeria. I’m a graphics artist, illustrator, and digital art enthusiast.

Q: Great! . So can you describe the “Nihinlola AyoOluwa ” brand?

Elisha: My Brand revolves around my personal philosophy and my goals as an artist.
“PP” – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
As an artist – I direct a lot of my passion and craft into the documentation of individuals in different industries in Nigeria #OSGTweetchat

Q: Brilliant Philosophy, certainly words to live by. . Since you’re into digital art, how would you describe the digital art and gaming scene in Nigeria? .

Elisha – 1/1 The digital art scene in Nigeria has been on a fast-paced rise for a couple for years now. We have amazing new artists coming into the scene, as well as incredible executed projects with more support from the public. #OSGTweetChat

However, The scene lacks proper structure amongst other things. I believe a better structure will foster a better community.

The gaming scene in Nigeria is still at its infancy with a hand-full of startups in the space and just like any growing industry it has, it’s struggles and challenges. One of these challenges includes but are not limited to monetization. Earning a sustainable revenue from developing games and projects is quite a mission for most companies.

The future is bright for the industry though; big multinationals are always interested in partnering with developers and more skilful people (developers, animators, & graphics artists ) are springing up in the industry so this certainly helps.

Q: You’ve made a lot of interesting points. Its great to see that the gaming scene in Nigeria is growing. . What is it like working at “Gamesole”?

Elisha: Yes it is.  is one of the pioneer game development startups in Nigeria / Africa and I am one of the founding team members. Working in a startup can be challenging and working in a Nigerian Startup is even more challenging. However, I get to do things I love, work with brilliant people and also make a reasonable impact in a growing industry and those are the things that make it worthwhile. There is nothing like doing what you love. . What are some challenges you have faced in the course of being a graphics artist? The first one that comes to mind is that you have to constantly keep explaining and educating people about the profession.I mean, everyone with photoshop on their PC thinks they are graphic designers. Dealing with clients especially in this part of the world. requires some level of seriousness, Most clients have a wrong perception about designers and therefore offer intangible things in exchange for services. It can be really ridiculous. it’s a long list but I will stop here, lol #OSGTweetchat

Q: Lol relating with different people could be quite tasking. . What is the thought process like as regards to developing designs or initial concept designs for games?

Elisha –  For Graphic designs – My process is approached from a problem-solving angle, “DESIGN IS NOT JUST WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AND FEELS LIKE, DESIGN IS HOW IT WORKS”

For Games – The approach is usually to explore African concepts with high-quality visual appeal. No one will care if your game is from Africa or the North pole if it’s not looking good

Q: Great!! Doesn’t sound easy. . Where can your works be found?

Elisha: I published a project in 2017 “Nollywood Legends” it’s a book designed to immortalize the legacies of some selected Nigerian Actors and Actresses.

I recently also partnered with to publish a project “Naija Tech Revolutionaries”, to celebrates some individuals who have worked tirelessly, breaking barriers in the Nigerian tech space

I’m working on more exciting projects that will be out this year but I post experimental designs and illustration on my social pages here on twitter and on my Instagram page

Q: Really beautiful designs. . Where can it be purchased?

Elisha -The projects are absolutely free in the links provided

Q: Oh great!! Thank you . Where can people find you? Social media, linked in?

Elisha- Thanks for having me. FB – Nihinlola Ayooluwa Elisha IG – ayooluwaelisha

Q: On a final note Mention some of your favourite games right now?

Elisha – – Brawl Stars by – Candy crush friends saga by – King of Thieves by

Q: Great great. What is your favourite food?

Elisha: Lol .. Eba with Efo ?#OSGTweetchat

Q: Lool Nice????
Well thank you for doing this. We appreciate you!

Elisha – Thanks so much for having me , really enjoyed the chat

Watch out for more exciting conversation with other amazing personalities.

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