Oscars 2017: How Much Is A Golden Statue

You’d expect the golden statue that every artist associated with the films dreams of taking home at least once, to be quite expensive. But you couldn’t possibly guess the worth of an Academy Award.

Well, the Oscar statue is worth only $10 (about 5,ooo Naira only) in itself…no thanks to crashing Naira at today’s exchange market, it’d had been much more cheaper

The making of the Oscar statue costs $400 (200, 000 naira) but as per a rule, before a trophy can be put up for auction, it must first be offered to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for $10 only, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Oscar-winner Steven Spielberg, who is one of the supporters of this rule, spent $1.36 million on Oscars belonging to Bette Davis and Clark Gable, only to donate them back to the Academy.


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