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OAP Kaylah Oniwo Has A Word For Toxic People

On-air Personality, Kaylah Oniwo has a word for toxic people/relationships, as well as how to identify if your one/in one.

She said;

As I grow older, Its more evident that there’s something new to learn and un-learn daily. This week, I would like you to read about toxic people and when you discover that you have toxic friendships or relationships, please try and disassociate from them, the truth is some people aren’t even aware they are toxic. Toxic relationships can be within Families, friends, partners, business partners and many more

By personal experience, I never think they are until I’m drained out emotionally, mentally and physically. In order to enjoy this thing called life, your peace and happiness cannot be taken for granted.

The signs of toxic people are pretty much a combination of being manipulative, controlling, self-centred, judgmental, rarely apologetic ( I know some who do), constantly putting others down (oftentimes directly or indirectly)…

Another major sign of toxic people is that they make you prove yourself to them, choose them over someone else, or something they want over something you want. Often, this turns into a “divide and conquer” dynamic in which the only choice is them, even to the point of requiring you to cut off other meaningful relationships to satisfy them. Does this remind you of anyone?

Some people possess all the qualities mentioned above while others may have one or two. If you cannot completely BE YOURSELF with your friends or partner, then know that you are in a toxic situation …
I sincerely hope this post helps you see the signs so you know how to work on them( if you exhibit some of these signs ) and how to detach yourself from toxic people in general”

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