“NNPP Will Shock Nigerians” – Kwankwaso Says

The presidential candidate of the NNPP, Kwankwaso, has said his party would shock Nigerians with its popularity when campaigns get underway in September.

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Speaking in Maiduguri, Borno State, Kwankwaso said people across Nigeria were buying into NNPP, which he adopted a few months ago. He was in Maiduguri to open the Borno office of the party.

Kwankwaso said he was excited with the large crowd that received him in Maiduguri, who defied the heavy downpour, showing how eager the people of Borno wanted to change from the status quo and reinforcing the hope of his party in 2023.

“Look at how people came out; I was so excited, I was so happy that the people of Borno are now very ripe for a change. If only the people I saw on arrival yesterday will vote for us I can assure you we will win Borno,” Kwankwaso said.

“The more you know Kwankwaso the more you like him. The more you know kwankwasiyya the more the love. We will take that goodwill to the south as we have offices from ward to state levels all over Nigeria and we are fielding candidates for all positions across Nigeria,” he said.

He commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the Electoral Act and called for his commitment to free and fair elections. While condemning those speculating that he would step down for some candidates, Kwankwaso described such speculations as mischievous and needed to be stopped for real contenders to face issue-based campaigns.

“Let us start the campaigns; we will separate between the chaff and grains.

“Some people are saying that there may be no winner in the first round of voting but from our camp, we believed that we are going to win in the first ballot by the grace of God.”

Source: Guardian

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