A young Nigerian woman, Tolulope Adebisi has taken to her social media page to share how she was assaulted by a tricycle driver. According to her post, she only requested to be dropped at her bust stop when he beat and stripped her.

Read her story below:

For the very first time in my life I was physically assaulted by a man yesterday in public. A keke driver who got mad because I insisted he drops me at my bus stop, give me my money or put me in another keke or even take me back to where he dropped me.

A keke driver who stripped me in public because he could.

You know what, nothing will be done to him. He would walk a free man today because he’s in Nigeria where criminals roam free. (It doesn’t matter that I can identify him and that I took the keke from a park, it doesn’t matter that people saw him assault me, it doesn’t matter ) where people ask that we forgive and forget and leave it to God.

I’ve never felt this much hate for a person. I’ve never ever felt the urge to inflict pain on one person like I feel right now.

I can’t even sleep well as I have nightmares already.

This place will break you. These animals do these things because they can and nothing, absolutely nothing will be done about it.

And please don’t tell me God is preparing me for something. Don’t!

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