A Nigerian woman identified as @Queenprecy_ shared an experience she had with her friend and a man who accosted them while they were jogging.

@Queenprecy_’s story reminds us that women are still not safe in this country. Rather than stand up to whoever may want to assault them, they find a way to buy their affection so as not to hurt them.

Read her note here:

How do you get to be 24years without learning to be wary of men? Yesterday I was jogging with my friend at 5:20 am, this man sitting in the dark came out to talk to her said Excuse me where are you coming from? She hissed & kept on jogging, I wanted to keep on jogging too,

But I know Men and I know he knows we run this same road every day, So I went back and apologized to him , telling him no vex . My friend said “you have too much time” This morning he was waiting for her at the gate with two other men.

He said to me “you can go “I wan Show this girl something, I dey follow her talk yesterday she dey hiss, I no reach to talk to her. It was a long morning of trying to assuage the ego of a dirty stinking no good tout” Before he let her go, I will no longer run through that road,

My friend was so shaken she kept asking how did you know he was going to stop us? I told her yesterday this man will not let this go. Vulnerable girls, Vulnerable place, what else is there to do?

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