A Nigerian woman identified as Ifedolapo has taken to Twitter to share what a Bolt driver did to her friend in Abuja.

According to her, after the driver dropped her friend in her house, she requested for his account number to transfer his fare but he disagreed, insisting to take her back to where he picked her from.

Ifedolapo said that while they were on the road, the driver pushed her friend out of his car, injuring her badly.

Read her story below:


y’all need to start testing the mental balance of your drivers. Took a while for me to be able to compose this. One of your drivers battered my friend Dorcas last night. She requested for a ride at about 10pm from Wuse 2 to her house in fynestone estate in gwarimpa

They got home in good time and the trip was #1,200 so she asked that the driver gives her his account number so she makes a transfer but driver said he’s once been duped and can not accept that. She begged that she would wait for him to get the alert but he declined even after he

knew he had just brought her to her house and can always get his money , she as well said he could come over to her office if he still didn’t get the alert but he declined and said he was only going to drop her back where he picked her from so my friend entered the car back.

Only for him to forcefully push her out of the car while he was on high speed and speed off. An elderly man who saw what happened ran to help her, he called her sister’s phone number and they took her to the hospital. The driver however called back to apologize and they told him

to come to the hospital. When he got there they asked that he paid the bill and of course buy the iPhoneX max which she’d just bought, they collected his license so he doesn’t escape. He then pleaded that he would be back, made a deposit of #4,000 but never returned.

My friend is in excruciating pain, she couldn’t go to work this morning neither can she go about her daily routine , guess what the police has decided to make the driver the victim because he was the first to report even with these picture evidences. Day by day, individuals are

harassed for using the Taxify app. The police has failed us again simply because she is a defenseless girl. The Taxify office couldnt be of any assistance too even though she went to report at their office, they said there’s nothing they can do because it’s between her and the

driver. This is ridiculous it makes me question who can we turn to help when we are being harassed like this?

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