Thanks to the natural hair movement, more women are embracing their hair and showing it off to whoever cares to see it. However, caring for it can be really frustrating as there are limited information about the different textures and other important things, leaving many women to struggle with it.

Not to worry, a Nigerian hair expert identified as Omawumi  has taken to Twitter to share 8 simple ways to care for and maintain your natural hair.

Read her full note below:

  1. Protective styling

Natural hair best friend is protective styling, this makes your hair grow faster, and hair doesn’t shed a lot. You can rock these protective styles with your natural hair (Braids, twists, wigs)

It protects hair from damage, helps reduce manipulating of your hair, don’t go too tight too small or too long with it(braids), make sure hair is moisturized and conditioned before it’s made.

  1. Detangling your hair

Spray bottle with (water, conditioner, moisturizer, oil mixture -), spray your hair and cut into sections with a rat tooth comb depends on your hair type ( cut into 4/8 parts, take one at a time and clip or weave the rest away.

Comb from the bottom of the hair to the top, hold the bottom down when coming the top of your hair to avoid pains and help detangling.

  1. Shampoo

Black hair is prone to breakage and also Drying , depends on your hair type and how sensitive your scalp is, you should shampoo your hair once a week or once in two weeks, use a mosituring natural hair shampoo like shea moisture, Cantu, etc. that keeps hair healthy.

  1. Deep conditioning

Do this once or twice a month, make sure it has natural oils like avocado , olive etc. cause it really goes deep into your hair, apply it all over your hair and make sure u start from your ends first cause it’s more prone to splitting.

Cover your hair with a shower cap and put in low heat, leave for 30mins.

  1. Another key point is weaving your natural hair before u sleep, leaving it exposed makes it more prone to drying and breakage, u should use moisturizer and weave it all back or into bantu knots before you sleep and wear a satin cap, it makes your hair easier to style and comb.
  2. You should do protein treatment once a month , it’s just like feeding your hair healthy, proteins contain amino acids that grows your hair and strengthen it , it enriches the natural protein in the hair called “keratin” that u lose easily by split ends, sun & pollutants.

Use hair products without alcohol {it dries your hair and scalp) and don’t use heat on your natural hair a lot, using too much heat makes your hair unhealthy, it should be in moderation and only on {medium heat). I prefer to just air dry my hair, I don’t use heat.

  1. Trimming your hair is a must, trim your split ends once in 6 months, it removes dead ends and let your healthy hair grow longer.
  2. Everybody should own a mini handy spray bottle with oil, conditioner, moisturizer. For days u wanna rock your Afro outdoor or even at home, you should spray a little on your hair occasionally if it’s becoming dry, just ensure you hair is moisturized.

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