Nigerian Femcee Lumina Reminds Us We Are the Light with Conscious Song ‘Light of the World

One of the industry’s finest female wordsmiths Lumina has released what can easily be described as the most introspective and stimulating conscious song in recent times; titled ‘Light of the World’.

With the production laced with rock and hip-hop instrumentals, ‘Light of the World’ sees Lumina finesse her wordplay effortlessly whilst passing a meaningful message with each bar she spits – her commendable delivery makes each verse induce the listener’s attention throughout the duration of the song.

Armed with an awe-inspiring chorus that states, “We are the light of the world. Your light shines through us. We’re gonna change the world; one step at a time”, ‘Light of the World’ would easily pass as a Chance the Rapper-esque music; considering the depth of the lyrics and the metaphor showcased by Lumina therein.

The femcee took to her social media page to announce the release of the song – in the full-hearted announcement, she wrote; “This song is from me to you; straight from the depths of my heart. I want you to know through the dark times, through the trepidation; you have a light within you – a light that could extend to all those around you. ‘Light of the World’ comes from a place where hope and resilience dwell – and I want these remarkable qualities to dwell in you. I am light – you are light, together; we are the light! Download and enjoy. Thank you.”

Fans of Lumina have since commented on the post following download, with many calling it an inspiration especially through the most recent dolorous casualties in the country – stating the timing of the song couldn’t be more apt.

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