Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Gets Her Name Tattooed On His Neck

Nicki Minaj and her new boyfriend Kenneth have taken their relationship to the next level after he got a neck tattoo of the Queens rapper’s first name “Onika”

Minaj shared a video on Instagram where she started by asking him: “Did your tatt hurt?” Kenneth replied “No. Not at all”

She then captioned the video: “Did ya tat hurt zaddy? ? his first tat- frontin like it didn’t sting ? #Onika #HeavyOnIt ?? #SuperSleezy ????.”

When reports first surfaced about their affair, Kenneth’s criminal past was dug up, including a manslaughter conviction and being convicted of first-degree rape at the age of 16. He was convicted of gang-related shooting. Nicki defended her man and accused people on social media of being ” judge, jury & executioner.”

She wrote: “Everyone on social media is now a psychic. They not only tell the future, but the past too. They are your judge, jury & executioner. I never meet these perfect ppl in real life tho. They exist only on social media.

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