New Act : Introducing FEMII


Femii Thai aka Femi Akinade is a Nigerian rising star on the contemporary
UK RnB scene. His outstanding vocal ability is combined with his soulful singing
style to make every one of his performances deep and meaningful,
whether live or recorded. Drawing influence from great soul legends
such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and, of course The King of Pop,
Michael Jackson, Femii sets out to create a fresh new sound
incorporating his soulful side with a modern urban aesthetic.

Prior to his singing career Femii was an internationally recognised
Muay Thai fighter who competed in many high profile tournaments. This
disciplined aspect of his personality has heavily influenced
his acrobatic approach to singing and given him unparallelled drive and
determination when it comes to performances.

Following up his 2010 successes with Broken Record and being heavily
involved in the soundtrack for the BBC2 musical Rules of Love, Femii
Thai is back with his latest single: Stargate.

Femii’s latest track takes the contemporary urban vibe of Broken
Record and turns it on its head to create something totally fresh.
Although Stargate does bear the undeniable hallmarks of an RnB
classic, it also takes cues from the most diverse range of genres:
There are elements of rock, dubstep and a ragga Breakdown all fused
together with Femii’s soulful vocal performance to produce the
powerful sound which is Stargate.

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