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Naomi Campbell Expresses Dissapointment At Racism Faced In Asian Country

British Supermodel; Naomi Campbell has expressed her disappointment the racism she experienced recently in an Asian country over her skin colour, in an advert which she featured. Speaking about the discrimination to the Mirror, she said;

‘It shocks me but it keeps my drive going. It keeps things in perspective that the work is never done. That’s why I don’t give up.’

‘I didn’t feel the message was right. Diversity has to be balanced across the board for all races. It’s not about the money. ‘People forget that models are self-employed. It was insulting to take that for my race.’ Naomi Campbell

Despite her recent experiences in Asia, Naomi mentions that more needs to be done. She said: ‘I see progress yes, as always more focus to be had.’ Naomi was recently awarded the Icon prize at the 2019 Fashion Awards in recognition of her charity work as well as her contribution to the industry.

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