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My Crazy #MTNASAP Story- David Jones David’s Anti-substance Abuse Journey

The month of May was a fantastic one. I had a great time with young people around Nigeria, doing what I love. It really doesn’t get better than that. First of all, an introduction – I’m David Jones David, a singer, actor and an anti-substance abuse advocate.

Two years ago, I sat down and really thought about one of our biggest problems in Nigeria. Everywhere, there is a drug deal going down, money is changing hands and drugs are being swapped. You don’t even need crack or heroin to get high anymore. There are trams, codeine, Vitamin C and so many others.


 Crack cocaine

So I decided to do a little something with what the good Lord has given me na! I started writing music to talk about substance abuse in my little way and we’ve been able to touch lives. It has been amazing! When I heard about the MTN-led Anti Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP), I knew that this would be a way to reach people directly and it has been a great experience!

I went to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in the middle of May to perform in two schools – College of Health Science and Technology, Rumeme, and the Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, and the vibe was not of this place o!

Performing at the Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic was interesting

To see that the students truly had a good grasp of what they were singing – “if anybody giving you gbana, si mba oooo, si mba ooo! Nwachukwu, si mba o!” (Translation: if anybody is offering you Indian hemp, please stop and say no) – made me emotional. Why? Because each student in both schools will have the songs in their head, begging them to stop whenever they find themselves surrounded by drugs. If because of me one student stays drug-free, then that’s my version of ‘I don hammer”.

Like I said on the MTN ASAP trail, and I’ll continue to say, substance abuse is a no-go area, it ends everything!

If you happen to stumble on this, please, abeg, biko, mbok, danallah, don’t try out any substances. I can’t shout or beg enough.

Next up, I’ll give you the gist of the craziness that went down in Owerri, Imo State. That was another case o!

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