My Back up Plan (EC)

The rain is here again and it falls nearly every day, this is the season we say ‘weather for two, Belle for one’. But should there be any belle at all? I strongly doubt o. I believe it should be ‘weather for two, POSTPILL for one, to help you (post the belle). Yesso! Do you want to find out what I mean by POSTPILL? My dear, let’s be realistic right now, ‘body no be firewood’, and even though economy no dey smile, e no mean say we no go fit hol something wen body dey totori us.

I know you are in mad suspense now, that’s the point, you know movie no dey sweet without suspense. Yesso, this one na action film and you know sey actor no dey die for movie. Okay! Let me break it down; remember that first moment you have sex with someone you like a lot. You know what happens to you na, ‘butterflies in your tummy’, trust me I’ve felt it before but when you eventually ‘get it on’ like Marvin Gaye would say, there’s a possibility the butterflies can turn into a Lil boy or girl if not ‘ejima’ or ‘ibeji’. Lol.

Well, all that drama can be avoided very easily and you can still maintain that hot shape that got him ‘all over you’ in the first place with *drumrolls please* “POSTPILL”.

Yep! Now you probably get why I said you can ‘post the belle’ if you want to. That’s power in your hands. Just one pill does all  the trick that allows you avoid regrets after a night of maximum pleasure without worrying about pregnancy.


For example, You know when you’re in cloud nine and he forgets to wear a condom or it gets torn or brother forgets to withdraw? Sometimes, we girls are the ones who even refuse him withdrawing cos we want to feel that extra extra vibe, I know you get me. My dear, don’t stress it, just go get POSTPILL at any pharmacy. So, incase you were careless last night and you fear the possibility of a surprise package in 9months, you can still use this emergency contraceptive called POSTPILL. It is just the right back up plan.

Sometimes being on daily pills can be quite exhausting and you might forget but even when that happens, don’t worry, you can use POSTPILL. Yes! POSTPILL, one pill, one pop. As guys carry condoms in their wallets, girls can also carry POSTPILL in their bags incase the need arises, make long story no enter the matter biko. Guys listen! You should know about it so that a one night stand will not lead to worrying about school fees in a few years’ time especially now that economy no dey smile and pocket never ready.

POSTPILL offers a second chance of protection from pregnancy after unprotected sex if taken within 120hours but it’s more efficient if used within 12hours. So, don’t panic, just dey go steady and grab the backup plan, “POSTPILL“. Brother, you sef fit epp your partner get am for pharmacy and the name dey easy to remember, “POSTPILL“. We hear things these days like ‘condom burst’ and panic starts, that’s what happens when you dull yourself. 


Cheers to all the partners who choose to “be sharp” this season and beyond. POSTPILL has got your back. Visit for information on sexual health and other pregnancy prevention methods. You can also follow @honeyandbanana on social media and join the conversation with hashtag #BeSharp


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