Music Review: Timaya/ Amayanabo

Having already built a personalized genre of sounds –a genre infusing Dancehall with a definite African feel to it– Timaya continues where he stopped last year, and this time he calls the piece of Art “Amayanabo”.



COOL Dancehall vibe, this one; moving slowly and purposefully, as well as heavy on sounds, the beats have deep-seated African elements in them, and then some synthesized gong sounds that help notch things. Lyrically, Timaya has done nothing special here, he plays around on the beats, shoving in street-worthy, simple phrases possessing a light yet flowing touch for the man on the street.






Above all, we have come to see how the music introjects a modern day Marley on Timaya, in that his sounds tilt a bit towards the notable Reggae genre. Plus there are whispers of conscious music over his entire body of work, interwoven here and there showing his chequered past and things. Great stuff, really great seeing him stay aloft in all, as this dissipates suspicions of any sort that the Bayelsa man is any close to calling it a day. Interesting.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?






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