Music Review: Sojay F. Reminisce/ Rock Right Now

Sojay laces an old Hip hop beat on here for his Label boss – Remilekun Safaru – who tears through with effortless precision, on that one verse, in the mother tongue. Massive!



Sojay Reminisce-mp3-image



There isn’t much to be said of the production, seeing as it is an obvious rehash. But the delivery on this one is fresh and clean and shiny, a bit too shiny even, something like fine gems on a vintage Rolex. It is sick what Reminisce does on this, absolute humdinger of a track, it sees us feeling once more the silky smooth vocals of erstwhile Trybe Records Singer, Sojay. Oh man, the boy can sing. Yes indeed.



This is a smash cut, a totally refreshing jam coming off the hugely anticipated talked-about Reminisce-Sojay Label fusion. Interesting stuff, it’d be a thrill watching how far this two go hard on the movement. You should get on this and jam away into some music-induced euphoria. Banging, sick material!



We already rated – absolute HIT!




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