Music Review: Runtown Feat. Uhuru/ The Banger





The crescendo on this cut is b*tchhass. Fvck! The part where Runtown goes “Time no dey, time no dey/ I dey hustle for my pay, every night and every day…” on the 2:36 mark is everything there is on “The Banger”. Run and Uhuru are mean, burying this one gruesomely, an act so bad it starts to feel like sin.



The instrumentals are African and engaging, starting off the opening seconds with something similar to the previous Uhuru smash – Khona – and then morphing into something of an ethereal sound pattern that feels like the beats and the keyboard sounds coming together and then dissolving into the pith of the song. Shadings of ‘meganess’ surround this, radio-fitting and marketable; “The Banger” is basically some lazy wordings put together on some studio magnificence and talent. Banging, really sick banging stuff! Blaaaaaaaaaad!



Listen and rate, a Hit OR a Miss?








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